International Race

Events Race that will be held in IVCA 2018 include:

1. The feature race of the day, the International Penny Farthing Championship (Indonesia Trophy).

  • Penny Farthing Original (also IVCA World Champions trophy)
  • Penny Farthing Modern/Replica

Class category :
Slow race (Heats of 4, last to finish wins)
Gentlemen’s Championship (4 laps, heats of 4)
Ladies’ Championship (2 laps, Heats of 4)
Juniors, Under 16 (2 laps)
Veterans 50-64 years (2 laps)
Veterans 65+ (2 laps)

2. Bicycle Classic Race

  • Pre 1900 (including Velocipede, Tricycle, safety bicycle era)
  • Vintage bicycle up to 1960; including roadsters
  • Racing bikes 1960-1985
  • American heavy weight : Including baloon tyre, tank bike and muscle bike
  • Tandem bicycle
    Separate championship races for gentlemans & ladies, juniors (under 16), veterans 1 (50+), veterans 2 (60+)

Class of category :
Sprint (best time speed)
Slow race (last over the line wins)
Slalom (two at a time around witches’ hats)

Note :

The race program may need to be based on the number of entries. Helmets compulsory, but please dress to complement the age of your bicycle. Prizes for best presented rider and best dressed spectators. Badges & Trophy awarded to first 3 placegetters plus Souvenir for Champions.