About IVCA


The International Veteran Cycle Association is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the bicycle and bicycling and the enjoyment of the bicycle as a machine.

On 26th May 1986, at Lincoln (Great Britain) the International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA in short) was formed by Veteran Cycle Clubs, Museums and Collectors of old pedal cycles and related objects from various countries.

The Objectives of the Association are:
To encourage interests and activities relating to all old human-powered vehicles of one or more wheels deriving from the velocipede tradition.

To support and encourage research and classification of their history and to act as a communication medium between clubs, societies and museums world-wide on mutual matters relating to old cycles.
To favour by Rallies, Meetings, Exhibitions, Sales and publications, the free circulation, to people of ideas concerning cycles, cycling and related matters throughout the world. One rally each year is designated as the International Veteran Cycle Rally (IVCR) and should aim to be the major international meeting of that year. The country hosting the rally is responsible for the format of the rally, which may comprise of four or more days of activities. The host country for the IVCR will be decided at the Annual General Meeting several years ahead Offers to host the IVCR are acceptable from any country.
To produce and circulate to its members a printed publication.

Membership is open to any individual and their family, club, museum or organisation interested in old cycles and old cycle related matters.

Official International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA): http://ivca-online.org